JK-Products GmbH. in Bad Honnef is part of the JK-Group, originally founded as a joiner's workshop in Troisdorf in 1927. Since the beginning, the whole company has acquired over 700 employees at home and abroad. Among other things, the Ergoline brand represents the group as the world's leading manufacturer of professional sunbeds. JK-Products GmbH. assumes the functional areas within the group of purchasing, logistics and production.

In order to assure and to expand JK-Group's position as global market leader, innovative product development as well as professional purchasing and optimized materials management have become a definite requirement. It is the priority and objective of JK Products GmbH. not just to meet this challenge, but to become the number one in all fields of its activity.

Because quality measures do not just focus on the manufacturing process but the complete chain of economic value added, an integrated quality management was implemented in 1993, which earned the DIN EN ISO 9001 guarantee bond in 1993. We make sure that our supply chain fulfills highest quality standards by conducting constant marketing research, implementing successful strategies for negotiations and providing intensive and companionable cooperation.

In 1998 the Total Quality Management was expanded by introducing an environmental management system, which was validated in accordance with the Community Eco Management and Audit scheme and certified under DIN ISO 14001. To us, this certificate stands for another milestone on the way to an ecologically managed, future oriented corporation and will be reflected in all places of production. An example for this is the purchase of a new, low-emission powder spray coating facility, which can also be used by other firms.