JK-Company Philosophy/- Vision

The JK group of companies strives for the market leadership in all areas of operation. In order to keep the Number 1 position in the long term, we - the JK employees - have to ensure the consequent and active implementation of the following 6 principles in our daily actions.

  • JK aims to offer products of the highest quality. We work hard at continuously improving our quality standards - all employees are proud of the products made by JK.
  • Only when customers and users of our products are completely satisfied or even enthusiastic, then our products have a chance on the market in the long term.
  • JK offers the best and fastest service.
  • JK continuously looks for new and innovative solutions in a contemporary, functional design. JK is an initiator of new developments that have a high regard for environmental needs
  • Whatever we are doing today - tomorrow we can do it better. JK employees act as advocates of our customers.
  • The high standard of performance is ensured by ongoing development and training of all employees. The status and tasks of every employee depend entirely on their contribution to customer satisfaction, added value and success of the company.