At JK all employees are responsible for quality, but one department ensures exceptional quality: TQM. The letters TQM stand for Total Quality Management, which demonstrates the overall activity of quality management within the group. The consistent customer orientation for all internal procedures from development to customer service fulfills the high expectations of our customers. Our corporate philosophy expresses these demands.

JK's quality management was certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in 1993. It is annually monitored with the help of a control audit and a repeat audit. This certification was amended in1998. Since then, the certification fulfills the even higher standards of DIN EN 46001 in the field of medical device production. On the technical level, the quality control consists of numerous inspections of the various parts. Among these are lamps, acrylic glass, epoxy-glass, resin components and electrical units. The adequate measurement instrumentation for these inspections are available.

The final inspection of the completed sunbeds is a part of the production process:

The outstanding quality was strengthening for the extraordinary development of the company within the last decades. To ensure our success for the future, JK follows the modern development of management systems. Furthermore, process orientation is a requirement for the successful integration of pollution control and quality. The environmental protection has it's own domain, but nevertheless belongs to TQM.